In the month of September in the year of 2000, I found myself living in the small Kent village of Lamberhurst. I was hiding out from death and unemployment and stayed there for nine months, working on my fourth novel and writing some songs. During my stay, the village was flooded twice because it lay at the bottom of a hill, and the river that ran through it couldn’t hold all the water coming down from the hills. What a great setting for a novel I thought – and did nothing about it until 2013.

In 2011 I wrote a book called ‘Missing in Acton.’ At the end of the novel the hero leaves London in a hurry and needs somewhere to hide out from a couple of Dutch drug dealers from whom he stole £20,000. Where should he go? Why Lamberhurst of course. So that’s where I sent him, changing the name of the village to Hurstville to give me licence to change things around a bit, and so the book ‘No Company Allowed’ was up and running. Throw in a peeping Tom called Barry, a builder called Bob, a scheming housewife called Frances, and a couple of dumb criminals called the Hoover brothers and things were bound to rumble along nicely to a violent and bloody conclusion. What more could you want?

I’m lucky (or unlucky) in that I’ve lived in a lot of crummy places and worked in a lot of crummy jobs which all come in useful for the purposes of novel writing. I’ve now written nine, and although my first five were published by proper publishers on real paper, I now find myself on the Kindle route. No one would publish my novels today because they’re too short and too small-themed. Today’s books are way too long in my humble opinion, and the plots are far too outlandish. I prefer the shorter style of old time crime, and if I want outlandish plots I’d rather watch a film or TV series. Life is too short for reading 500 page novels.

And so, if you prefer the old kind of book, something along the lines of 220 pages long, you might enjoy mine. They’re good fun to write and I hope good fun to read. You’ll find them all on the Amazon site, wherever you live, priced at under £2. Buy one and make me happy.

NO COMPANY ALLOWED is currently available on Amazon Kindle all over the world. Plus eight others by Jerry Raine.

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