There is a new collection of Hard-boiled / Noir Classics From Gryphon Books which offer some of the best hard crime and noir classics available. the company also offers some limited SIGNED copies by such names as Mickey Spillane, Mike Avallone, Howard Browne, and cover artists Robert Maguire and Ron Turner.

Titles include: Vengeful Sinner by Harry Whittington, "she used her body to catch a killer", $16. + postage.

One Got Away by Harry Whittington, "he could get the girl, or the money", $16. + postage.

Married To Murder by Harry Whittington, "she had a way with men, of leading them to the grave", $16. + postage.

Satan’s Widow by Harry Whittington, "there was invitation in her glance, but murder in her heart", $16. + postage.

Sin Pit by Paul S. Meskil, incredible hard-boiled cop and crime noir by a master, new edition that reprints the rare 1950s Lion Book edition, introduction by Gary Lovisi, Afterword by the author, new trade paperback, $16.00 + postage.

PRIMAL SPILLANE: The Early Stories, by Mickey Spillane, edited by Max Allan Collins and Lynn F. Myers, Jr., is an incredible First Book Edition collection of early Mickey Spillane stories that have never appeared in book form before. Spillane is the master of hard-boiled fiction, the creator of world-famous Mike Hammer and much more! This book features 29 classic tales not seen for over 50 years! The stories include hard-boiled, crime, WWII, suspense, thrillers, monster stories, even a couple of SF! In trade paperback with a stunning sexy girl cover by vintage paperback master Robert Maguire, available now for $20.00 + postage.

A few copies of the very limited SIGNED edition of only 100 copies, (signed by Spillane, Collins, Myers and Maguire) are available for $100.00 + postage.

Kill And Desire by Stephen Frances, the creator and author of the fabulous Hank Janson crime series (originally writing here as Duke Linton), gives us a spell-binding gangster classic, $16.00 + postage.

Mitzi by Mike Avallone, an original noir never-before published with an introduction by Wayne Dundee, “she came to her lovers with a razor hidden in her hands!”, $16.00 + postage.

A limited edition SIGNED by Mike Avallone, cover artist Ron Turner and crime author Wayne Dundee is also available for $50 + postage.

If You Have Tears by Howard Browne, Lona is as cold-blooded a femme fatale you’ll ever meet in Browne’s James M. Cain-influenced novel, $16 + postage.

A limited edition SIGNED by Howard Browne, Ron Turner and Gary Lovisi is also available for $50 + postage.

Murder Wears A Halo by Howard Browne, this classic pulp magazine novel is published in book form for the first time ever, an excellent murder mystery by a master, $20 + postage.

A limited edition SIGNED by Howard Browne and artist Ron Tunrer is also available for $50 + postage.


Gryphon Books, PO Box 209, Brooklyn, NY 11228, USA

Outside USA: inqiure.

You can also pay using VISA or Mastercard (best in 2-3 emails) to


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