A new addition to the acclaimed Directory of World Cinema series has appeared, focussing on Italy, with Crime Time editor Barry Forshaw supplying (among other things) essays on several key gialli, the stylish Italian murder thriller genre. The book, edited by Louis Bayman, is a thoroughly insightful and thought-provoking guide to Italian cinema and culture.

Directory of World Cinema: Italy offers a variety of essays and reviews surrounding some of the nations most critically acclaimed films. The book is part of a series that aims to enlighten its readers of the rich cultural traditions from which the most fascinating films arose. Leading academics provide insight into the cinema of Italy with their essays on prominent genres, directors and themes. With topics ranging from political radicalism to opera, and from the arthouse to popular genres, the variety of this book renders it an entertaining read and a unique resource to anyone with an interest in Italian film or culture. It also provides a comprehensive historical overview of Italian cinema and offers a detailed discussion of genre, from silent spectacle to the giallo and the spaghetti western to the neorealist masterworks of Rossellini.

Editor Louis Bayman is currently researching theoretical approaches to the social and aesthetic characteristics of popular cinema and he completed his doctoral thesis on post-war Italian melodrama at King’s College, London.

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