NYPD BLUE SEASON’S FIVE & SIX Various directors/Medium Rare One of the most influential crime dramas of the 1990s is given a welcome outing here, and it’s a chance for viewers to reassess quite why the series managed to glean the seven Emmys and four Golden Globes that it did. Where the show was particularly ahead of the time was in the gritty, uncompromising storylines with a vision of a New York City suffering from urban decay. It’s time to reacquaint yourself with the caustic Denis Franz as Sgt Andy Sipowich — it won’t take long before you realise again why so many viewers were comprehensively hooked by the show.

THE NIGHT VISITOR Laslo Benedek, director/Simply Media This extremely difficult-to-see, rather obscure psychological thriller has a matchless cast, including two of Ingmar Bergman’s most prestigious actors, Max von Sydow and Liv Ullman, not to mention Britain’s Trevor Howard. The cast alone justifies your time, although the director also offers some Hitchcockian diversions.

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