David Stuart Davies’s latest novel Innocent Blood has just been published by Mystery Press, the second in his dark crime series set in 1980s Huddersfield. Davies said, ‘I use my home town of Huddersfield and the surrounding area give the novel a richness and a sense of reality but I must stress that the characters and incidents are all fictitious.’

The first book in the series, Brothers in Blood, garnered some great reviews. Crime writer Peter James observed, ‘Davies knows how to twist a knife inside the reader’s mind’ and award winning novelist Andrew Taylor says Innocent Blood is ‘Yorkshire noir at its finest.’

In the novel, DI Paul Snow is presented with a baffling and frustrating case while fighting personal demons. A child’s body is discovered in woodland but this is only the first victim in a series of apparently motiveless crimes. Snow must discover the pattern and reveal the chilling truth as the cunning and violent murderer grows more desperate and unpredictable. Haunted by his own dark secret, Snow races against the clock, following a murderous trail that leads to a shocking climax.

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