John Grisham returns with his best novel for years (Rogue Lawyer-Hodder&Stoughton-H/B-£20) and a new character, Sebastian Rudd, the lawyer in question who works out of a tricked-up panel truck with all mod cons including concealed weapons. He only works for the people other lawyers won’t touch, and uses every trick, honest and dishonest to defend them. Satanists, hard core criminals of every stripe, and the husband of a woman killed in her own home by cops who got the wrong address. Rudd is reminiscent of Michael Connelly’s Lincoln lawyer, who also works out of a car, which begs the question: do no U.S. Attorneys work out of offices these days?

Another writer who is back this month, although he’s hardly been away is Stephen King. In fact it’s been a bumper few months for him with Finders Keepers (previously reviewed) in hardback, and this month the paperback of Revival (Hodder&Stoughton-£7.99) where a modern day Dr Frankenstein meddles with powers he doesn’t understand to heal and then raise the dead, and an anthology of short stories to follow in November. Can’t wait.

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