A little girl goes missing and a man who haunts the Internet for child porn is arrested. The police set an an agent provocateur onto him. The trial collapses. He is compensated but can’t leave well enough alone. Then he dies in a road accident. Case closed, but not resolved. Was he guilty or not? The Widow by Fiona Barton(Bantam Press-H/B-£12.99) is his wife’s story. She stood by her man, and if he was guilty did she know more than she let on? Did she suspect. Know? Was she part of it or an innocent dupe? Fiona Barton was a tabloid journalist who covered many crime stories and always looked past the defendant at the man or woman standing by his or her side. Why did they show such loyalty under terrible circumstances?

In this her debut novel, her previous employment means not a word is wasted, the plot grips tightly, with a heartbreaking ending.

The Widow could be the next The Girl On The Train. A read in one gulp novel. Look out for it on the best sellers list this spring. Say no more!

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