I’ve never been happy with the idea of ‘closure’. Victims, and sometimes perpetrators, desperately want to believe that tragic events can somehow be put behind them, perhaps by facing awkward truths. In real life I’m not so sure. Pain is pain and pain endures.

This is one of the themes I wanted to explore in Little Sister, the third Pieter Vos book set in the Netherlands. Two sisters have been kept in custody for a decade apparently after killing a man in a family tragedy when they were just ten. Now they’re due for limited release. But the moment they set foot outside the institution they vanish… and with them their nurse.

What really happened when the rest of their family was killed? Perhaps not what the police and the local community thought. The book follows the sisters, Kim and Mia Timmers, as they struggle to make sense of what’s happened to them. And Vos too as he begins to unravel a mystery that begins to get very close to home, with some of his closest colleagues in the police and a local politician.

As always it’s quite unlike the last book, and goes outside Amsterdam into the beautiful, remote and haunting area known as Waterland. Somewhere Vos, a man of the city, feels very much out of place.

Little Sister by David Hewson is published 5th May by Macmillan, price £14.99 in hardback

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