After his ingenious and winning homage to Peter Cushing, Whitstable, Stephen Volk turns his attentions to another much-esteemed Englishman who specialised in the macabre, the filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock. Throughout his lengthy career in Hollywood, Hitchcock assiduously maintained his English identity, formed in the streets of his native Leytonstone — and it is this period in which Volk sets his elegantly written, always fascinating narrative. The author is one of the most ingenious practitioners of the horrific at work today, but this new speciality — inventing well-crafted narratives concocted around familiar British figures in the film world – is proving to be one of his most rewarding areas yet. This one is a piece to relish – even if you’re not an Alfred Hitchcock aficionado (although that certainly helps).

Leytonstone by Stephen Volk is published March 2015 by Spectral Press

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