The Detective’s Secret is set between the hurricane of 1987 and the St Jude storm of 2013 in a West London still rooted in its Victorian past. Winding alleys, glistening cobblestones, pale wavering lamps that cast no light on the black waters of the Thames. Dominating this landscape, a concrete water tower is silhouetted against tumultuous autumn skies, a giant tank on stilts.

In this tower, inspired by Victorian philosopher Jeremy Bentham’s Panopticon, it is possible to watch without being watched. It’s Jack Harmon’s new home.

Jack drives the ‘dead-late’ shift on the London Underground. His friend Stella Darnell runs a cleaning company. She is practical and law-abiding, faces life head on. A modern day flâneur, Jack walks dark London streets hunting out murderers with minds like his own. He watches through gaps in curtains, sees signs in numbers and phantoms at every turn. Chalk and cheese, Stella and Jack are the perfect detective team.

In 1987, a man dies in the tower, the howling wind obliterating his cries. In 2013 a man dies under a Piccadilly line train. One death is an accident, the second suicide. Investigating, Stella and Jack discover that nothing is what is seems.

This is a story about betrayal and, twenty-six years later, revenge.

The Detective’s Secret is published by Head of Zeus

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