In Her Wake is evidence that Amanda Jennings is making a mark as one of the most persuasive and engaging of psychological thriller writers around today (and, God knows, there is plenty of competition). Her first two books, Sworn Secret and The Judas Scar were efficient enough, but it is with the new book that Jennings really comes into her own as a writer with a real command of her craft. The central character of In Her Wake, Bella, shares an element with many other current female protagonists in the genre – she enjoys a pleasant and comfortable life which is roughly torn apart by a series of destabilising discoveries. After these dramatic revelations, she retires to the exquisite Cornish coast, where her life is to become more — rather than less – complicated and dangerous. Jennings demonstrates the perfect balance between creating psychological veracity for her troubled heroine and the mechanics of thriller plotting.

In Her Wake by Manda Jennings is published by Orenda Books

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