When you enjoy the soubriquet ‘King of the Erotic Thriller’ (as Maxim Jakubowski does), you have a certain reputation to live up to. Fans of the author will be pleased to hear that with his new book, I Was Waiting For You, Jakubowski can still lay an inarguable claim to that title — this is the kind of edgy writing that has marked out such earlier books as Confessions of a Romantic Pornographer, and which had Ken Bruen comparing Jakubowski to both Anais Nin and Raymond Chandler. In the new book, a young Italian woman is forced to leave her home in Rome and begins a very unsuitable relationship with a man in Paris. At the same time, ruthless assassin (and stripper) Cornelia — one of Jakubowski’s signature characters — has been handed another mission. The two women’s paths are sure to cross, and in the middle will be an English crime writer-cum-private eye on the lookout for a missing person. With the customary bouts as unbuttoned sex, Jakubowski takes the reader on an exhilarating trip from America to France taking in Venice and Barcelona before ending up with a striking climax in Italy. Not to everyone’s taste, of course, but it’s vintage Jakubowski.

Barry Forshaw

I Was Waiting For You

Maxim Jakubowski

Accent Press £7.99

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