The British obsession with the Danish political drama Borgen continues unabated, and (at the time of writing) Season Three is yet to be shown in the UK. To say that this concluding series is building up considerable anticipation barely does justice to the phenomenon, which (while not as all-conquering as The Killing) has nevertheless become de rigueur viewing, notably for the political classes who recognise the truth of its sometimes excoriating vision. It was inevitable that critical writing would appear on the series, and it’s good to note that this first book (available as a Kindle edition) is full of illuminating insights and provocative observations. Richard Fernandez has the measure of Borgen, and as a celebration of the achievement of the Danish writer/producer Adam Price, this is an impressive piece of work. Danish Prime Minster Birgitte Nyborg and her circle are at the heart of the programme, which has caught the attention of viewers around the globe. Borgen is about two idealistic women (politician and reporter) and the cynical male who inhabits both their worlds. The first series details how Birgitte Nyborg sensationally — and unpredictably — wins office by being an anti-politician, and how she clings on to power by losing sight of who she is. A key theme is how the choices Birgitte makes tear her life apart. In How to win Power and Lose Everything, Richard Fernandez takes viewers through the first series of Borgen, in an episode-by-episode review. How do the events of each episode affect each of the main characters? What are the links between Borgen and the show it has been most compared with, The West Wing?

Kindle edition Published by Bridehaven Books (available from Amazon)

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