Esteemed editor and anthologist Maxim Jakubowski’s new crime fiction imprint MaxCrime hits the ground running with this exuberant and ambitious novel from a writer who is already something of a sensation in Australia. Hit by Tara Moss weighs in at a solid 563 pages, but there is nary a wasted word in this visceral novel from a writer who has been both a licensed private investigator and a firearms expert (not to mention snake handler and racing driver). But it is as a novelist that she shines here, and her protagonist Mak is highly distinctive. Mak funds her forensic pathology practice by working on the side for a private investigator, and in Hit she finds herself up against a case that she will be lucky to survive, let alone solve. Other exciting writers are to follow from the MaxCrime stable (such as the talented Italian Barbara Baraldi), but Tara Moss has provided an auspicious launch for the imprint.


Tara Moss

MaxCrime £7.99

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