Graham Bishop became interested in the illegal trade in stolen artefacts after visiting early Roman sites in Jordan and Morocco and reading of cases where pictures were smuggled out of famous art galleries with apparent ease. Perhaps the film of the Thomas Crown Affair also provoked a more light hearted creative reaction. His innovative Commissaire Pierre Rousseau international crime series features a team of four French and Greek detectives fighting to save ancient artefacts being looted from Greece. Their targets are private collectors who commission the thefts for their own collections and those museums and auction houses which do not ask too many questions about the origin of the artefacts they acquire.

Their cases involve a cast of London art dealers, an aristocratic Scottish collector, a gang of Italian tomb robbers, two American collectors, a Greek business man and a gang of French jewel thieves, not all during the same case of course. The artefacts include the helmet Prince Achilles wore at the siege of Troy, a 14th century icon, an eye witness account of the Third Crusade and the discovery of lost sculptures from the Parthenon, so historical background is an important part of the plots.

The chemistry between the two Frenchmen and their Greek female colleagues plays an intriguing part in the investigations. Dramatic developments during the cases include a sea chase round the Greek islands, kidnap, foul murder and treachery and a complex sting.

For those who like foreign detectives, exotic locations and historical links this is a series worth a look. First chapters and more about the author are on All four books in the series are available in the Amazon Kindle book store.

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