Virago Modern Classics’ very welcome reissue series of out-of-print Patricia Highsmith novels continues apace with this batch, and includes several books which will have fallen off many people’s radar. With the new Todd Haynes film of the author’s Carol awakening fresh interest in Highsmith’s non-Ripley work, it’s heartening to see readers looking again at her other books – and realising just how radical her misanthropic view of human nature was. In the four books listed above, Highsmith (as usual) doesn’t come anywhere near a remotely sentimental view of human nature, and her writing is always – as the advertising says of the town of Skegness — bracing. A Game for the Living, in particular, will be a notable discovery for many people, so perhaps it’s time to replace your dog-eared copies of these books, and shell out for the new editions.

Found in the Street, A Game for the Living, A Dog’s Ransom and Small by Patricia Highsmith are published by Virago

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