Under the auspices of Pete Crowther’s ambitious P.S. Publishing imprint, here is another welcome volume in their reissue series of classic American Comics Group material written and edited by the legendary Richard Hughes – as talented an editor and writer as anyone in the comics field, past or present. The reissue series has now reached a particularly accomplished period, when the demands of the Comics Code had forced Hughes to create supernatural tales some distance from the gruesomeness of his early work, but infinitely richer in terms of inventiveness and characterisation (this volume reissues Forbidden Worlds from April 1957 to December 1957, issues 53 – 58). Speaking personally – as someone who’s written introductions to several other volumes in the series — I can only reiterate that anyone interested in literate, intelligently written occult comics material should not hesitate – and that’s without even mentioning the superb artwork on display here, most notably from Hughes’ star illustrator Ogden Whitney.

Forbidden Worlds, Volume 9 (Richard Hughes, editor) is published by PS Publishing

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