Sergeant Studer had always wanted to travel. But fate and a busy workload had meant that the Sergeant had never strayed too far from the Swiss Canton of Bern. Until that is a meeting with the mysterious Father Matthias sets Studer on a strange trail that begins with the investigation of the deaths of two women in Switzerland. In both cases the women had died in their homes as the result of suspicious gas leaks. Studer’s enquiries lead him to a geologist who died of a fever at a Foreign Legion post in Morocco and to a valuable and untapped oil field. In an investigation where nothing is as it seems, Sergeant Studer even finds himself concealing his own identity as he pursues what he believes is, ‘the big case’.

Fever is the third in the Sergeant Studer series by Friedrich Glauser and was first published in 1936. Like its predecessors Thumbprint and In Matto’s Realm, Fever is a joy to read. Glauser creates insightful character portraits and is adept at conjuring bizarre and often humorous images. Fever evidently taps into the author’s own experiences as a soldier in the Foreign Legion in its compelling depictions of desert landscapes and the vivid description of a hashish fuelled dream. In the words of the good Sergeant, ‘Bloody brilliant, so it was!’

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