Ernest Gold has long been one of the most respected and accomplished proponents of the great tradition of symphonic orchestral film music, and his remarkable scores have graced many celebrated movies (it’s hardly surprising that he was a particular favourite of such directors as Stanley Kramer and Otto Preminger, who both knew the value of an apposite score). It was, of course, for the latter that Gold created his signature score when Preminger decided to film the Leon Uris epic about the creation of the modern Jewish state, Exodus. The score has been represented on disc before, but in a heavily truncated form and saddled with inadequate sound. This new collector’s edition from a company which has put film music lovers endlessly in its debt is an absolute revelation: not only is the entire breathtaking score here, but it is enshrined in astonishingly realistic sound that does full justice to the composer’s bracing and full-blooded orchestration. That alone would be sufficient reason to buy the disc (the latest in a long line of admirable film scores produced for CD by James Fitzpatrick), but there’s an added bonus: this is a two-disc set, and along with Exodus, there are splendid extracts from other Jewish-themed films such as Cast a Giant Shadow, QB VII and Schindler’s List; and given the fact that these scores were composed by (respectively) Elmer Bernstein, Jerry Goldsmith and John Williams, further recommendation is unnecessary (except perhaps to say that Gold’s delightful score for the epic Stanley Kramer comedy It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World is also represented here). An essential purchase.

Exodus and Other Scores

Ernest Gold

Tadlow/Silva Screen

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