Lee Child once said, ‘No one remembers a Lone Ranger story – but everyone remembers the Lone Ranger.’ These words sum up the success of the author of the Jack Reacher novels. In Reacher, Lee has created a hero like no other, beloved of millions of readers around the world. He’s a character who appeals equally to men and women, to people across the nations: a man who rights wrongs, who stands up to bullies – an essentially good man.

It’s a difficult creation to make work, but Lee Child has done it. After a twenty-year career in television, he changed course to become a writer, and set out to write successful novels with an unashamedly popular appeal. His stories are large scale, heart-stopping thrillers, roaming across wide-open global spaces in the cause of thwarting evil.

Perhaps it takes a good man to create a good man. It is impossible to find anyone who will say a bad word of Lee Child. He is a delight to work with, people say; loyal, hard-working, straightforward, generous to readers and to new writers. He combines a successful philosophy about what it is to write best sellers with a huge amount of talent. The CWA is delighted to award him the 2013 Diamond Dagger.

Alison Joseph

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