David Lagercrantz has been contracted to write two more novels in the Millennium Series, continuing Stieg Larsson’s world-renown trilogy and Lagercrantz’ own freestanding sequel Det som inte dödar oss/The Girl in the Spider’s Web. “This is something I just cannot resist. It was a tremendous joy to write The Girl in the Spider’s Web, and such a breathtaking adventure. Furthermore I believe that I have a really good story for a continuation”, David Lagercrantz says.

Stieg Larsson’s books have sold 82 Million copies world-wide and David Lagercrantz’ The Girl in the Spider’s Web has sold 2,5 Million copies and topped the charts all over the world since its international launch, on August 27. The UK edition has sold over 400,000 copies. Sales for the Stieg Larsson novels have seen a revival after the launch of Lagercrantz’ book.

“The response from readers have been overwhelmingly positive, all over the world. We are happy and grateful that David Lagercrantz has carried on the universe and the characters that Stieg created. Now we are anticipating with excitement how he will continue the story”, says Joakim Larsson, who manages his brother Stieg’s estate.

The fifth novel will be published in 2017, and the sixth book tentatively in 2019, both by Norstedts Publishing House, Sweden, by agreement with Hedlund Agency.

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