In Dark Branches, the new Nik Frobenius novel, author Jo Uddermann has published an autobiographical novel about certain dark events in his past. Expectations run high both in the publishing house and the media, but after an appearance on television sinister things begin to happen: anonymous letters, Barbie dolls with their heads cut off, dead squirrels on the stairs in front of his house. His life with his wife and daughter in Oslo no longer feels secure. Someone is out to get them. Understanding that a seemingly untameable desire has been brought back to life while Jo researched his novel, his wife accuses him of infidelity. Georg, whom Jo believed to be dead, shows up in the present. When their friend, Katinka is found dead, in an old rose painted coffin in a bog, suddenly there is no knowing who to believe or who to fear.

Nik Frobenius is a Norwegian novelist and screen writer who has written many books and screenplays. He is most famous for penning ‘Insomnia’, which was later adapted into a Hollywood movie staring Al Pacino and Robin Williams.

He studied film writing and research at LCP, London. He debuted in 1986 with Virvl, a collection of prose texts. His third novel, Latour’s Catalog (De Sade’s Valet), became an international success. Born in Oslo, he grew up at Rykkinn and studied film writing and research in London.

‘Thrilling, uncomfortable and intelligent…Nikolaj Frobenius’ tenth novel will keep you awake all night.’

-Gabriel Moro, Gyldendal

‘Frobenius is a master of disturbing writing, and in this book he is at his very best.’

-Geir Vestad, Hamar Arbeiderblad

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