The Global Short Story Competition, which is run from North East England, has topped £2,500 in prize money awarded.

Run by Certys Limited, based in Darlington, County Durham, the competition runs every month and was established eighteen months ago.

The competition, which numbers among its supporters the best-selling author, and Durham University Chancellor, Bill Bryson, attracts entries from around the planet.

Stories have been submitted from everywhere from the United States and Canada to Australia and New Zealand, as well as the likes of India and Singapore. There have also been entries from the United Kingdom and all the way across Continental Europe.

Certys director and competition administrator, the crime novelist John Dean, said: “Every month we uncover exciting new stories from writers keen to have their voice heard.

“We know from the feedback that we receive that our writers appreciate the boost that success in the competition gives them.”

The monthly first prize is £100 with £25 for runners-up. The judge is North-East writer Fiona Cooper. There is also an annual prize for the best story submitted during the year.

Writers wishing to find out more about the competition, or send entries electronically, should visit

Those who would rather post their entries, rather than go through the website, can send them to the Certys office at Livingstone House, 29 High Northgate, Darlington, Co Durham, England DL1 1UQ, marked Global Short Story Competition, and containing a £5 entry fee.

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