One thing that gives bibliophiles particular pleasure is to recommend to friends a neglected author – or someone who friends may not have encountered. Those in the know about such things are well aware that Robert Aickman is perhaps the greatest writer of supernatural fiction since MR James, but his reputation has languished in recent years. This splendid collection of reissues from Faber (which also includes The Unsettled Dust, The Wine-Dark Sea and Dark Entries) is the perfect way to acquire the finest work of this talented writer, particularly as the books have been furnished with intelligent new introduction by the likes of Kim Newman and Reece Shearsmith. My only regret about this beautifully produced series is that I can no longer say to people: ‘But have you read Robert Aickman The Trains?’ If they have any sense they will have picked up these collections — and will have done just that.

Cold Hand in Mine and other collections by Robert Aickman are published by Faber

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