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I am just finishing the final revisions to the third book in my Fire and Ice series set in Iceland. It is April 2010, and my detective, Magnus, investigates a murder on the rim of Eyjafjallajökull volcano. A group of foreigners are visiting Iceland: it turns out that they all work for Freeflow, an organization devoted to posting leaks on the web. Everyone hates them, so lots of suspects there. The book will be called Meltwater and will be published next May.

It’s difficult writing books set in a foreign country, and I obsess about getting the details correct. So the following review in Morgunbladid, Iceland’s biggest daily newspaper, was very welcome: “Obviously, Icelandic readers will read 66° North with critical eyes and try to find errors in the author’s presentation of Iceland and Icelanders. But it is impossible to see that the book is written by a foreigner who just recently got to know the country he is writing about. His descriptions of the mentality after the crash are perfect. … 66° North is an exciting and entertaining read. …” 66° North is the second book in the series and deals with a bunch of revolutionary Icelanders who decide to make the people who brought about the crash of 2008 pay.

Where The Shadows Lie, the first novel in the series, had two days of glory when it was number one on Kindle at the end of November. True, this was because it was Amazon’s Deal of the Day choice, but it did mean I spent half an hour trying to figure out how to take screen shots of the Kindle bestseller page.

Over the summer I wrote a 60 page short story featuring Magnus and set in Iceland in the middle of winter. My publishers seem to think that long short stories or novellas are perfect for e-readers, so the story will be on sale from Christmas Day on Kindle. It is called Edge of Nowhere and is about an investigation into a landlside in a remote fishing village. A road worker is killed and the locals are convinced the elves did it. A tricky one for Magnus, but great fun to write.

You can find out more on my website www.michaelridpath.com, or on Facebook.

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