For the truly genned-up aficionado of the vintage British thriller, the name James Mitchell is guaranteed to provide a warm glow. Writing under this name and as James Munro, he produced some of the most solid and adroitly written contributions to the genre in an era when good writing was the norm rather than the exception. His signature character, of course, was the surly anti-establishment spy Callan – so memorably incarnated by Edward Woodward in the fondly remembered television series — and this surprising volume (subtitled ‘The Collected and Missing Files’) has excavated much previously unseen material by Mitchell (stories, and a TV treatment) Callan Uncovered is edited by Mike Ripley, who has republished three of Mitchell’s Callan novels in the Top Notch Thrillers imprint. A highly cherishable piece of serendipity.

Callan Uncovered by James Mitchell is published by Ostara


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