Douglas Skelton wrote true crime before turning to fiction in 2013 with Blood City, which introduced anti-hero Davie McCall. He tells Crime Time:

‘The Davie McCall series was always designed to be a quartet.

The thing is, the final one – Open Wounds (Luath Press, March 31, paperback £9.99) – was written first.

It was originally a stand alone, but I was advised to go back and show how the characters came together. It was good advice.

Naturally, it had to be rewritten to dovetail with the first three, but that wasn’t a bad thing.

McCall is hard to write. He doesn’t say much and I like to write dialogue. He’s a crook, a violent man with a tragic past and darkness seems to haunt him. I’m not like that. Well, okay, maybe the darkness bit.

He’s hitting 40 and really questioning his life. He wants out but doesn’t know how. He’s drawn to a new neighbour, who has problems of her own. Probing a miscarriage of justice with ex-cop Frank Donovan could be a means of redemption.

But the uncovering the truth may cause problems for his old pal Big Rab McLymont.

In the underworld, answers aren’t always straight.

But bullets are.’

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