Who better than the world’s leading Sherlockian to write this searching, affectionate and information-packed biography of the late Jeremy Brett, the troubled actor who many consider to be (pace Basil Rathbone) the definitive Sherlock Holmes? Davies had lengthy access to the actor, whose struggle with manic depression was to compromise his otherwise mesmerising recreation of Conan Doyle’s immortal sleuth, and there is a forensic, bracingly honest picture of Brett’s life – as well as (inter alia) a fascinating memoir of the forging of the much-loved Granada series, both in its glory days and in its decline. The handsome hardback has a slew of black and white stills of the actors and the production; essential reading for Sherlockians of every level, from tyro to master.

Barry Forshaw

Bending the Willow: Jeremy Brett As Sherlock Holmes David Stuart Davies

Calabash Press

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