Barry Eisler has written his first short story, The Lost Coast, featuring black ops badass Daniel Larison from Inside Out. It’s darker and edgier than anything he’s written before, with an ending that will haunt you… and at just $2.99, it still costs less than a latte! You can download it now for your Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Noble Nook, or other digital reader or desktop program via Smashwords. Here’s the scoop:

For Larison, a man off the grid and on the run, the sleepy northern California town of Arcata, gateway to the state’s fabled Lost Coast, seems like a perfect place to disappear for a while. But Arcata isn’t nearly as sleepy as it seems, and when three locals decide Larison would make a perfect target for their twisted sport, Larison exacts a lifetime of vengeance in one explosive evening.

Includes an excerpt from the new John Rain novel, The Detachment (available soon), featuring Larison, Rain, Dox, Treven, and others. Also includes a fun interview with novelist J.A. Konrath, a terrific writer, great friend, and the person most responsible for getting me to try a short story and to try indie publishing, as well. So if you have any complaints at all about what I’ve done, obviously the person to blame is Joe.

Warning: this story is intended for mature audiences, and contains depictions of sexual activity, though perhaps not in the way you’re expecting. 6600 words.

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