NOVAHEAD, the new book by Steve Aylett, returns us to the crime city of Beerlight. ‘It’s been a few years,’ says Aylett, ‘and every time I go back there, conditions are more dangerous. Beerlight is now a city where to bomb a street before walking it is an elementary precaution.’

About to quit the failed experiment of civilisation, fake detective Taffy Atom is detained by one last case. Pursued by cops, mobsters, mercenaries and a mechanical swan, Atom races through Beerlight City, the single holdout of creative mischief in a world overtaken by the trend-led Fadlands. By the relentless principles of gun karma Aylett’s final Beerlight book lands the reader in the Delayed Reaction Bar and makes a glass of antifreeze with everything in it. ‘Listen to your heart. It will not stop slowly.’

Alan Moore has called Aylett “the most original and most consciousness-altering living writer in the English language, not to mention one of the funniest. In Novahead, Aylett delivers his most searing work to date and comes up with noir fiction so black it’s fluorescent.”

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