Among the most intriguing (and welcome) publishing phenomena of recent years has been the revival of interest (via Titan’s reissue programme) in Kim Newman’s splendid reinvention of Bram Stoker’s Dracula mythos. Newman’s books, previously published, have risen from the dead (highly appropriate, given their central protagonist) with all the author’s customary prodigal invention and audacious genre mixing intact, but with much new material added (the USP here is a brand new novella). The latter, of course, means that even if you possess these books already, you will be obliged to shell out for the new additions — but that’s no disincentive. This second book, The Bloody Red Baron, has its vampiric central character as commander-in-chief of the armies of Germany and Austria Hungary. At the Diogenes Club in Britain, Charles Beauregard (who Newman pits against this monstrous nemesis), is working with British intelligence to take on a newly mechanised Dracula. The first book in the series remains the author’s signal achievement, but this is delirious and idiosyncratic writing with ideas fizzing on every page. Typical Kim Newman, in fact.

Anno Dracula The Bloody Red Baron by Kim Newman is published by Titan

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