Tell me about your new book?

The Andalucian Friend is a crime thriller that I wrote for myself while working on other things. It evolved from an idea for a screenplay that I had, but I soon realized that I wanted to expand the story, to make it bigger, wider. That’s when I started to write it as a book.

Who were the writers who inspired you to start writing crime fiction?

A mix of many. Ellroy, Grisham, Lehane, Le Carré, Forsythe, Mailer and so on.

How do you regard your writing peers? Is there anyone whose work you never miss?

There is an abundance of good writers out there, but I’m not totally dedicated to anyone in particular. I am more of an impulsive reader.

The vexed issue of violence: how do you feel a writer should approach this today?

I think this is for the readers to judge. My violence is film-ish, straight on and bloody. For me, personally, that kind of violence is easy to handle.

And sexuality? Should a contemporary writer opt for frankness or discretion?

Every time I try to answer this question it comes out very strange. So I now just reply: sex is okay.

How would you define the kind of fiction you write?

There are so many different names I might use. ‘Crime thriller’ is probably the most accurate…

Do you bear your potential reader in mind when writing, or do you write principally for yourself?

On a good day I just write. I don’t think of myself or anyone else, only the characters and the story. When I write for an audience, I usually delete most of it the day after.

What can you tell me about your next book, the second book in the trilogy?

When you write a TV or film script (as I do) you usually stick to a three act structure. Act one is the setup, the second act is action and act three is resolution/outcome. I look at this trilogy like that in a way, with some obvious tweaks of course. So if I would follow that, book two will be… action. Sorry for not giving you more info than that, but Book 2 is blurry at the moment.

The Andalucian Friend by Alexander Soderberg is published by Harvill Secker

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