Tom Weaver has long been the doyen of writers about the more esoteric areas of genre cinema, and his single-minded devotion to tracking down many a neglected talent has borne impressive fruit in recording the reminiscences of creative personnel (actors, writers, directors) otherwise neglected by interviewers. A Sci-fi Swarm and Horror Horde is a highly entertaining collection which covers many years and many filmmakers, and is (as usual) crammed full of piquant anecdotes (not all of which, of course, may be proved, but that is part of the charm), and the final effect of the book — leaving aside its instructive and informative function — is to send the reader to re-viewings of the fascinating movies touched upon herein. Some of these films are highly accomplished, some merely cheerfully exploitative — but all sport points of considerable interest. Long may Weaver continue his one-man crusade to record the kind of reminiscences crammed in his hefty tome.

A Sci-fi Swarm and Horror Horde: Interviews with 62 Filmmakers by Tom Weaver is published by McFarland

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