40 titles have so far made it to the 12 Days of Kindle: Crime, Thrillers & Mystery list and Harper Collins, Corvus (part of Atlantic) and Constable Robinson are the clear winners. A few more books are added daily throughout the 12 Days of Kindle but the battle of the 99p ebooks is shaping up into a 3 (or maybe 4) way battle.

To date big six publisher, Harper Collins, largely through its Avon imprint comfortably leads the way with 14 titles including the current number one, Sanctus by by Simon Toyne; Corvus has 4 titles with a very creditable 3 in the current Top 10, while another large indie publisher, Constable Robinson has 5 entries. Quercus, also a large Indie, has 4 featured titles including Dead Line by Stella Rimington, which has reached the top spot and is also riding high in the overall Kindle charts at 34. (somewhat oddly this is a better overall ranking than that achieved by Sanctus)

Amazon’s own publishing imprints feature with three titles, although they are fairly low down the overall list, while small indie publishers don’t get much of a showing, with only No Exit (Death Bed), Freight Books (Killing the Messenger) and Tindal Street (What You Don’t Know) troubling the scorer.

It is clear that it is key for publishers to get their titles into promotions such as these, as the marketing push that amazon gives the books often far outweighs the impact of the efforts of individual publishers.

Listed below are the current positions for the books, listed by Big Corporate Publisher/Large Independent/Small Independent publisher. Obviously these rankings fluctuate often and by the time you read this the prevailing list might be significantly different.

Big Corporate Publisher:

1 Sanctus/Harper Collins

4 Post Mortem/Hachette

7 Micro/Harper Collins

15 Kiss & Die/Avon

18 The Trafficked/Avon

19 Stirred/Thomas & Mercer (part of Amazon)

20 Portrait of a Spy/Avon

21 Velocity/Harper Collins

22 Dishonour/Avon

24 Righteous Man/Harper

25 Polar Quest/Avon

26 Never Tell/Avon

27 Genesis Secret/Harper

29 Spyder Web/Avon

30 Shadows Still Remain/Avon

34 Legacy/Avon

35 Black as Snow/Amazon Encore

36 The Ego’s Nest/Elliott & Thompson (part of Amazon)

Large Independent Publisher:

2 Nowhere to Run/Corvus

3 Dead Line/Quercus

5 Cover Her Face/Faber

6 Truth Dare Kill/Corvus

8 The Quest for Anna Klein/Corvus

9 The Mammoth Book of New Sherlock Holmes Adventures/Robinson

10 Past Caring/Robert Hale

11 The Pact/Robinson

12 Agatha Raisin Omnibus/Robinson

13 The Skeleton in the Closet/Robinson

14 Never Apologise, Never Explain/Robinson

23 Night & Day/Quercus

28 Killing Way/Corvus

31 Rogue/Quercus

32 Phantom Evil/MIRA

33 Uncle Target/Bloomsbury

37 Fabric of Sin/Quercus

38 Serial/Robinson

40 The Last Exile/MIRA

Small Independent Publisher:

16 Death Bed/No Exit

17 Killing the Messenger/Freight Books

39 What You Don’t Know/Tindall Street

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