The Latest from the Murder Squad

The Latest from the Murder Squad
Barry Forshaw

Martin Edwards – The Story of Classic Crime in 100 Books has just been published by the British Library, and he has been delighted by early reaction to it.
Cath Staincliffe – The Silence Between Breaths will be published in translation in France by Editions Bragelonne.
Ann Cleeves – Ann tells us of her travels, with the standout destination being Estonia, where she took part in the Tallinn HeadRead Festival.
Margaret Murphy – Margaret has completed edits on Splinter in the Blood, and made a start on outlining the second Ashley Dyer novel.
Chris Simms – Chris has finally succeeded in getting the entire DI Spicer series back in print.
Kate Ellis – The paperback of The Mermaid’s Scream will be published at the beginning of August.

A Thousand Cuts by Thomas Mogford

A Thousand Cuts by Thomas Mogford
Giles Morgan

It is April 1940 and a bomb has been detonated in the Dockyards of Gibraltar. This surprise attack on the British results in the death of two Navy servicemen. The ensuing investigation finds a Spanish dockyard worker guilty of the crime and he is executed by hanging for their murder. In present day Gibraltar Christopher Massetti, who is the son of the hanged man, is being represented by lawyer Spike Sanguinetti after he has been charged with harassment against a local GP…

The Pinocchio Brief –  Abi Silver talks to Crime Time

The Pinocchio Brief – Abi Silver talks to Crime Time
Barry Forshaw

In The Pinocchio Brief when Raymond Maynard, a brilliant 15-year-old student, is accused of the brutal murder of his teacher, his defence team (the veteran Judith Burton and youngster Constance Lamb) are shocked to find that his testimony is to be “judged” by a machine. They already have plenty of other difficulties; Raymond was found at the scene of the crime, everyone else has an alibi and he refuses to tell them anything about what happened. But Constance is convinced of his innocence “this boy is not violent …and the police have not investigated anything at all.

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